Organized in October, 2005 by a group of Veteran Civil War re-enactors and living historians, this group is based in Eastern Massachusetts but current members come from as far away as southern New Hampshire and northern Rhode Island. We have been proudly presenting the regiment and its history to the general public at parades, festivals, memorials, and re-enactments. We take care to represent the unit with accurate detail, from the red blanket rolls to the replica Regimental flags based on original patterns.

Although we represent a military organization, our unit welcomes families to participate in most events as civilians of the 1860's. We all were new at one time and know how valuable a helping hand in getting started can be. Our unit has basic Union infantry pieces to allow prospective soldiers to spend some time with the group and try out re-enacting firsthand. Our civilian re-enactors are also available to assist with what would be needed to get started.